CTS Engine Technologies

CTS has spent over 30 years developing improved intake and exhaust systems for many engines. 


Piston ring seal is paramont to keeping the combustion process working and not contaminating oil systems. 


Oil consumption can be reduced by using better cylinder sealing methods which involve piston ring grooves, piston rings, piston to wall clearance, cylinder roundness and straightness, cylinder material stability and coatings.  This just cover a small amount of the extent that CTS provides for engine technologies.


Call CTS today and lets discuss your applications and goals.

Upgrades to lean burn technologies

Most engines can be converted to lean burn combustion cycles.  The key ingredients for lean burn operation is lots of air, good fuel mixing and robust ignition.  CTS can provide all of these ingredients as a single source, single responsibility partner.  We take pride in our systems approach and become very involved with our customers who become partners. 


For lean burn engines that need to meet more stringent emissions regulations CTS can provide:

  • turbocharger upgrades
  • aftercooler upgrades
  • ignition system upgrades
  • fuel valve upgrades
  • air filter upgrades
  • muffler upgrades
  • intake manifold upgrades
  • controller upgrades


For rich burn engines, CTS can convert them to lean burn engines with the installation of turbochargers.


Some engines have other air sources, such as super chargers or oscillating fans.  CTS can convert these engines to lean burn by removing the current air source and install turbochargers and all of the associated equipment, piping, plumbing, wiring and covers.


CTS has a turbocharger system on a skid that minimizes downtime and reduces the indoor footprint.  The system intercooler benefits from having no liquid plumbing or additional coolers. 


CTS can provide dry exhaust manifolds, new water headers and race designed intake manifolds.